Fisheries supervision is an important part of fisheries management in Örsjön-Lillasjön. The purpose of our fisheries inspection is to ensure that laws and regulations are followed. In our area, it is required that a valid fishing license is purchased before fishing begins and the fishing license must be taken on the fishing trip together with a valid ID.

The lake is regularly patrolled by fisheries inspectors. The fact that fishing licenses have been redeemed and current rules are followed is monitored by a number of supervisors who are approved and appointed by the County Administrative Board.

Our fisheries inspectors have the legal right to seize the equipment used and poaching can lead to a police report. A fisheries inspector may inspect caught fish, fishing gear and fish swamp under control.

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Local rules and regulations apply to fishing and must be taken into account, currently the current rules are stated on the fishing license and on our website, at

What does the Swedish law say?

Fishing without a valid fishing permit is illegal and a violation of the Fisheries Act (1993: 787). Fishing without permission is a criminal act directed against the fishery owner. It is a violation of the Fisheries Act and leads to public prosecution. The penalty for such an offense may be a fine or imprisonment for a maximum of one year

The rules are monitored by supervisors and security companies

For more information, see the County Administrative Board's page.