The Örsjön lake is a large and very beautiful and scenic forest lake on the border between Skåne and Småland with beautiful forest terrain around the entire lake. The lake has many islands, several of which are larger and the Örsjön-Lillasjön area also has many straits, bays and a varying water depth with a rocky bottom.

The maximum depth is 10.5 m and the average depth is 3.5 m.

Örsjön is scenic with many islands, bays, rocky bottom and very good water quality. The lake is regularly limed with dosing.

The nature of the water
The water is clear, nutrient-poor, rocky and rich in fish. In the autumn of 2007, the pH level was 6.4 to 6.8.

The environment around the water
Hilly terrain with deciduous forest elements.

At the lake's 2 boat ramps there are also information boards. We have also produced a depth map of the lake.